Akama Oganda Lewis is a Kenyan Photographer, lifestyle enthusiast, and literature fanatic.

I started off as a rookie with a point and shoot Nikon B500. The journey has taken upgrades, turns and twists since then.

This platform brings my world to your screen. Reality and fantasy. Be my guest.


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” Nyamaza mum, Wacha kulia,” I tried to plead. Not that she could understand what I was saying but I had to say it anyways . I took her from her cot as she wailed. I flashed out my left breast and put it into her mouth. Her mouth was still black from the traditional herbs she had taken earlier […]

It is what it is – Part 2

The silence tagged along some awkwardness with it. No one spoke to the other for a minute, to digest that phone call . I could hear him rummage through his thoughts like one who was looking for some documents in an old drawer, holding some and dropping some ,to find that one document to give me “What did you say?” […]

NFTs Explained

Following the latest craze experienced all over the internet, I saw it well to write about NFTs. This is an important part of the blockchain that has been trending in the last one year or so. By definition, an NFT is a Non-Fungible Token. Non-fungible means it is unique and cannot be replaced by another. An NFT is a digital […]

A decade

Twenties are the hardest. People above 30 can’t stop saying this. They are right though. This years are like a plot with cliff hangers at the end of every chapter .An unpredictable book. Am writing this because am in my twenties and can’t figure out shit. At least not all my shit. Welcome to my blog by the way .I […]


Growing up, I was never a cat person .Not because I didn’t like them, but because I never liked their fur. They leave their fur on everything they lay foot on .Most of my neighbors kept cats . I remember one of my neighbor’s kids used to sleep with his favorite cat . So we could make fun of him […]

Is cryptocurrency a scam?

Chances of being scammed in crypto are very high right now .It is something that normally happens ,but it is not right . This happens mostly due to lack of knowledge (ignorance) . But if you get to know about Cryptocurrency then you’ll avoid scams and fraudsters. So to avoid this ,I’d suggest you read and know about crypto first […]


When storing your cryptocurrency coins and tokens ,one can either do it online(hot storage ) or offline (cold storage). Hot wallet refers to that wallet that is connected to the internet .Cold wallets is any cryptocurrency wallet that is not connected to the internet . Hot wallets are free and easier to set up, access and accept more coins/tokens. Hot […]

It is what it is – Part 1

They met way back in university. He is from the highlands. He is a highlander. Those people who receive lots of rainfall and grow a lot of matoke all year and are known to talk very fast when swallowing hot matoke cooked in pepper or is it hot pepper cooked in matoke. He is a tall guy, 6’1 and still […]


My past articles have been about general crypto coins. Rarely have i mentioned stable and unstable coins ,which is equally a must in the crypto world. So this post is going to major on stable coins . Crypto currency is very volatile .You can be enjoying a mooning this minute and the next minute you’re dipping at a very fast […]